Model & Simulation Design

Models and simulations are essential in developing future and current warfighting tactics and acquisition strategies. Our model and simulation services include:

  • Develop & validate assumptions
  • Interpret results in tactical context
  • Address future national defense gaps

Test Development & Ops Analysis

Proper testing and data analysis is the key to developing applicable deliverables for defense technologies. Comprehensive test requires precise execution from planning through reporting via:

  • Identification of essential metrics
  • Clear interpretation of findings
  • Efficient use of time & resources

Message Refinement & Presentation

The defense industry is a daunting market with limited funding. Great products and projects make it to the top through effective message packaging and delivery. We create presentations that:

  • Translate & present findings
  • Streamline critical information
  • Focus on what counts

How can our Current & Qualified consultants help you?

Prepared for all aspects of defense, warfighter and presentation consulting

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