Tom, a graduate of MIT, leverages his degree in Aero/Astro Engineering and his MBA to bring rigor and perspective to the war-fighting community.  A fighter pilot with over 1,500 hours, he is current and qualified as an F-22 flight examiner.  He has served overseas on several deployments in PACOM and CENTCOM, and has been working in the operational test community for the last 4 years as the F-22 program manager.  He is also an ATP/CFII qualified civilian instructor pilot with additional experience in F-15C.


Ethan, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, provides expert military consulting to help our clients achieve their goals. A fighter pilot with over 1,500 flying hours, he was in the first graduating class at USAF Weapons School for the F-22.  Current and qualified as an F-22 flight examiner and with degrees in Human Factors Engineering and National Security, Ethan leverages his warfighter knowledge to provide a perspective to our clients on both current and future military capabilities. Additional flying experience includes overseas time as an F-16 instructor pilot.

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